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Korea Academic Research Council 인데 Academic
has been organizing the academic projects of Daewoo Foundation since 1998


A Series of Special lectures by Distinguished Scholars is an academic project sponsored by the Korea Academic Research Council(KARC), the Daewoo Foundation, and the Chosun Ilbo.

The domestic academic world has grown quickly in both quantitative and qualitative aspects. However, desired international academic exchanges have been not yet been pursued. Furthermore, orthodox academic lectures with international authority are wholly lacking. This situation should be urgently improved to provide the domestic academic society with global recognition.

Accordingly, entering upon the 21st century, A Series of Special Lectures by Distinguished Scholars will be newly made to present guidance to future scientific development, and the opportunity of advancing to the worldwide academic area.

The lecture series will be held two times per year, with other occasional special lectures. The lecturers will be selected from foreign scholars worldwidely evaluated, and domestic representative scholars. All the lecture series will be accompanied by specialized academic seminars and public lectures, and the results thereof will be published.

KARC, hope that the lecture series will stimulate motivation for international academic exchanges, and contribute to development of academic research activity in Korea.


"A Series of Special Lectures by Distinguished scholars" intends to be a series of orthodox academic lectures with international authority.

In this connection for the development of the scientific research in Korea, the lecture series has the following objectives:

firstly, discussions related to the important academic issues are made in an active and extensive manner;

secondly, research in the underdeveloped academic fields are activated;

third, interdisciplinary studies are promoted with greatest enthusiasms of the participators in relevant disciplines.

Ultimately, the domestic academic society will grown qualitatively all the more while making international academic exchanges.


• As the Regular Program, domestic scholars will be invited in spring, and foreign scholars in autumn. Regular lectures will be held 1~2 times per year, with additional holding special lectures as the special program.

• Specialized academic seminar-typed lectures will be held a year 2~4 times, and 2~4 public lectures will be held to foster interest by junior scholars and the general public.

• Interviews between invited foreign scholars and interested domestic scholars will be held two times.

• All the lecture results will be published as part of "A Series of Special Lectures by Distinguished Scholars". In the case of foreign scholars, such results will be published simultaneously in foreign countries by an authorized publishing company.

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