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Korea Academic Research Council 인데 Academic
has been organizing the academic projects of Daewoo Foundation since 1998

KARC has provided support for 9 research institutes.

The academic research support of KARC began in 1986. The research institutes under support have made their own symposium and joint researches annually while publishing the research results in the for m of journal or book. Furthermore, with the support of KARC, the research institutes have annually held international academic workshops in an autonomous manner.

Since 1999, KARC has supervised the support for academic projects of the Daewoo Foundation.

The support for academic projects has concentrated on research grants for advanced textbook writings, translations, reading and discussion groups and joint research programs. The Daewoo Foundation initiated its support for academic projects in 1981. Today, the number of project supported more than 1600.
The contents of the advanced textbook writings involve recent research trends in various study areas. In this connection, KARC selects, and makes support for  subjects that can contribute to the development of domestic academic research. The support for advanced textbook writings is made with respect to designated subjects, free subjects, isolated research, and joint research. Particularly, in the case of joint research, interdisciplinary studies are positively recommended. This reflects the intention of the KARC for promoting joint research in an active manner.
The translations are referred to those for classical texts of respective academic fields that cannot easily be found domestically. Along with the translation of the original text are included the translators own glossary and description of competing theories as well as thorough explanations and critiques of the author and text. 
The Research results have been continuously published as part of the 'Daewoo Academic Libraries' and the 'Daewoo Classic Libraries'.

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