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Korea Academic Research Council 인데 Academic
has been organizing the academic projects of Daewoo Foundation since 1998

The Daewoo Academic Library

The research results supported the KARC are reviewed, and published as parts of "the Daewoo Academic Library". "The Daewoo Academic Library" consists of three types of writings: advanced research books deeply discussing recent theories in each academic field, cooperated research works promoting interdisciplinary researches, and translations facilitating studies in each field.

"The Daewoo Academic Library" amounts to 600, the first of which is "A Study on the Origins of Korean Language" (by Dr. Kim, Bang-han) published in November 1983. "The Daewoo Academic Library" has been known as a representative series of academic works. Its authority and high recognition is also shown by numerous awards conferred to many volumes of the series.

"The Daewoo Academic Library" keeps supporting extensive and systematic researches. In this way, the "Daewoo Academic Library" will increasingly offer the opportunity of discussing the contemporary academic issues from new perspectives.

The Daewoo Classic Library

"The Daewoo Classic Library" has been published since 2001 to provide deep insight and knowledge in the classics. It purports to promote the studies of humanities by proving proper translation of the original texts, which also contribute to the development of the culture of translations.

"The Daewoo Classic Library" amounts to 27 volumes, the first of which is Essay sur les Donnees Immediates de la Conscience (by H. Bergson) published in August 2001. Numerous awards of many volumes shows the authority and value of this series.

"The Daewoo Classic Library" will give good chance to reflect the past, understand the present and present a vision for the future. It will also contribute to make our academic atmosphere more balanced and mature.

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